Sterling Trader Pro Trading Platform Features:

  • Market Scans

    Scan for the top most active stocks on different exchanges, or the biggest movers on the day with Sterlings scanning tool. Trades stocks that are on the move.

  • News

    Having up to the second news is one of the great features on Sterling. When your looking for the next hot moving stock you can check here to see whats on the move and know why.

  • Level II

    Analyze the depth of the market on Level II windows. When you’re looking to trade 5000 shares its great to see the volume that’s available.

  • Options Chains

    Analyzing options on Sterling is done through the options chain window. After seeing which options will help set up your trade execute with ease through the order entry window. Whether you trade complex or traditional hedge strategies Sterling is there to help.

  • Time and Sales

    Keep track of market movements with the Time and Sales window on Sterling. When you need to see trade history you can see that information here as well.

  • Hot Keys

    Active traders get to make the most of Sterling Trader Pros hot keys. When you want to buy and sell shares at the touch of a button using hot keys lets you make trades on the fly. Sterling Trader Pro allows you to customize your hot keys so that you can trade swiftly and efficiently.

  • OCO Orders

    Protect yourself on closing positions with the use of OCO orders. The Order Cancels Order feature lets you place two sell orders on one position. A sell profit and a stop loss. Once one order is filled the other order is cancelled out leaving you the ability to find other trading opportunities.

  • Stock Watch - Trend Tool

    Keeping track of different stocks is made easy with Stock Watch window. With custom columns you can keep the important information ready for trades and use the Trend Tool to see how the market is trading.

  • Advanced Charts

    With over 70 studies Sterlings charts offer a wide variety of analysis tools for the technical trader. You can make changes to the time frames easily and add in multiple symbols to see how the trends compare.

  • Market Alerts

    Keep track of stocks with Sterlings Alerts. While you are waiting for a trading set up create an alert and move on to the next symbol so you don’t miss a single trade.

  • API

    API is available for traders who develop black box systems to execute trades. Once you’ve perfected your trading system you can integrate it with “Sterling Trader Pro” to execute your trades.