RealTick Express Trading Platform Features:

  • Bracket Orders

    Bracket orders empower traders to enter both entry and sell orders simultaneously. After entering your orders you can move on to scanning for the next trade knowing that you have both a protective stop and take profit order in place.

  • Hot Keys

    When executing orders fast is of the essence Hot Keys will be your solution. With a few quick keystrokes on your keyboard you can enter and exit positions some of the fastest day trading tools available.

  • 4 Level II Windows

    Realticks flexible level II windows raise the bar in the industry. With customizable buttons, one click order entry, hot keys, and other customizable features you can make the window as easy or advanced as your trading requires.

  • Custom Buttons

    Whether you trade once a day or once every minute having the order entry set up correctly is important. Realticks customizable level II windows cater to novice traders as well as the experts.

  • Advanced Charts

    With over 35 different studies Realtick is an industry leader in providing highly customizable trading charts. You can also view positions and modify both orders and positions seamlessly from charts with Realticks award winning system.

  • Order Cancels Order

    The Order Cancels Order capability allows you to have two orders on one position. When one order is filled the other order is cancelled. Whether you are on the go or on to the next trade using OCO orders in your trading strategy helps you manage your trades.

  • One Click Order Entry

    One click order entry allows you to move at the click of a button from one trade to the next.

  • Ladder Window

    Scan the market and click to place trades with ease on Realticks Ladder window. With a histogram of the days activity you can see where the recent market activity is at. When you are ready just point and click to place your trades.

  • Scanning

    With various trading scans and many sectors to pick through you’ll have plenty of trading opportunities to search through. Realticks unique Tal Tree offers a large number of scans and over 15 sectors to examine.

  • View 100 Symbols

    Having quality stocks to trade is critical. As you find stocks that meet your criteria keep track of them in your trading list. When you are ready to trade use Hot Keys, One Click Order Entry, or the charts to place your orders.

  • Show Orders on Charts

    Trading off the charts is one of Realticks most loved features. As you see your trades setting up you can enter and modify orders in any of your accounts. And if you need to step away you can use Realticks brackets orders and OCO orders to help get you out of a trade.

  • Tabbed Charts

    With the functionality to see multiple timeframes at a glance you can look at more securities in the blink of an eye. Realticks 35+ studies give you the power to looks things over and hone in on the trades that meet your criteria.

  • Options Trading

    Whether you use options as a hedging tool or a sophisticated trading strategy having Turbo Options on Realtick will help to make your day easier. Analyze level II data on options, or pull up the activity in a chart.

RealTick Express Training Videos

RealTick  is a streamlined, customizable, all-in-one trading platform. Experience real-time, direct access trading like never before, and execute trades in futures, options, and stocks all with the push of a button.  Trade on the same software as institutional traders, hedge funds, and Wall Street professionals – FREE with 10 round-trip trades per month.  Check out the videos below to see more of RealTick’s advanced trading capabilities, and easily learn how to navigate the platform at your own pace.

Free Training Schedule

Mastertrader also offers free interactive online training classes for anyone looking to become more familiar with our trading platforms.  Our experienced, professional instructors will answer your questions live, and they will take you step by step through creating a trading page and placing orders.  Click here for a schedule of Mastertrader’s free software training webinars.

Order Entry

RealTick Order Entry

  • Use Hot Keys, Buttons, or One Click Order Entry to enter orders
  • Route your orders for free to multiple Market Makers
  • Enter limit orders, market orders, and stop orders all at the same commission price and  no varying cost based on order type
  • Customize your Market Maker/Level II to display quotes in a ladder or market montage
  • Set up and save bracket order strategies designed to limit risk and achieve maximum profits
  • Place both a stop order and a limit order on the same position with OCO orders
Realtick Charts

RealTick Charts

  • Design multi-time frame charts
  • Add custom studies and conditions to charts
  • Use advanced candlesticks, including pre- and post-market data
  • Manage orders and positions through charts
RealTick Stock Scanners

RealTick Stock Scanners

  • Create watch lists of indices, stocks, futures, and options, and even manage positions
  • Turn your watch list into an advanced scanning tool to find Most Actives, Gainers, Losers, Gaps, and much more
  • Track major sectors and market statistics
RealTick Turbo Options

RealTick Turbo Options

  • Trade options with ease using a flexible, easy-to-read option quote window divided into Puts and Calls
  • Options contracts conveniently organized by expiration date and strike price for fast execution
  • Regional bid/ask prices appear in a Level II window of the Order Entry for convenient viewing
Customize Realtick Page

How to Customize Your Realtick Page

  • See how other professional traders set up their trading systems
  • Take advantage of Realticks many features
  • View great set up techniques so you can start trading faster

RealTick® Shortcut Keys

RealTick® Shortcut Keys can help you react faster by using your keyboard to issue commands and add RealTick functions to your page.  One example of this feature is being able to switch the data-period on a chart with only three key strokes on your keyboard.

Examples: On an existing chart on your page type ".i5" and hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard. The charts data-period will switch from the current data-period to an Intrday, 5-minute interval chart, and vise-versa. You can also switch from an "Intraday" chart to a Daily chart. On the same chart, type ".D250" and hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard. The data-period on the chart will switch from an intraday chart to a Daily chart with 250 days of information.

Below is a list of RealTick Shortcut keys available.

Set-Up Studies menu F9
Auto Scale Feature F8.
Snap to Window Feature F7
Display Last Price tracking window Ctrl + D
Move a group of trend lines (Select Tool feature must be selected) Ctrl
Copy a trend line Shift
Add/Replace a symbol menu F6
Chart Display Options menu Ctrl + X
Add Grid Lines Feature Ctrl + G
Chart Annotation menu Ctrl + N
Add Candle-Stick Feature Ctrl + S
Chart Color Set-Up menu Ctrl + C
Chart Font menu Ctrl + F
Printer Font for Chart menu Alt + F
Print Chart Ctrl + P
Chart Set-Up menu F4
Intraday 2-minute intervals .i2
Intraday 5-minute intervals .i5
Intraday 15-minute intervals .i15
Intraday 30-minute intervals .i30
Intraday 60-minute intervals .i60
Daily Chart .D # of days (i.e. .D250)- Daily chart with 250 days of data
Weekly Chart .W # of weeks (i.e. .W25)- Weekly chart with 25 weeks of data
Monthly Chart .M # of months (i.e. .M25)- Monthly chart with 25 months of data
Close Chart window Ctrl + F4
Minder Set-Up menu F4
Configure Column Layout menu F5
Show Account Balance on Minder F6
Show Order Entry Screen on Minder F7
Copy Minder data to Clipboard Ctrl + C
Paste data into MarketMinder from another application Ctrl + V
Add symbol to existing chart from Minder Click Drag + Ctrl
Replace symbol on any window from Minder Click Drag
Link multiple windows to Minder (Window to Link must be displaying) Ctrl
Close Market Minder window Ctrl + F4
Market Maker/Regional Set-Up menu F4
Display Options menu (Market Maker Font menu) F5
Show Irregular Trades Feature (Pre & Post Mkt data) F11
Alert on Updates of Bid & Ask Feature F10
Show Multi-Quote (Level-I) F6
Show Range Bar F8
Show Market Montage Shift + F8
Show Order Entry Screen on Level-II F7
Show Ticker (Time & Sales Window) F9
Switch from one Market Maker to another (must have two Level-II windows on page) Tab
Close Market Maker window Ctrl + F4
Turbo Options Set-Up menu F4
Select Account F6
Show Order View (Order Entry Screen) F7
Show Regional View F8
Close Turbo Options window Ctrl + F4
Time & Sales Set-Up menu F4
Add/Replace Symbol Menu F6
Print Time & Sale data Ctrl + P
Copy Time & Sales data to Clipboard Ctrl + C
Close Time & Sales window Ctrl + F4
Quick Search Criteria window (News Set-Up menu) F4
Search for headline Ctrl + F
Go To Specific Source or Page menu F5
Configure News Headline & Story request menu F6
Copy Headlines to clipboard Ctrl + H
Copy Story for headline Ctrl + C
Add/Replace Toggle Pane Ctrl + M
Hide Scrollbar Ctrl + S
Next Story Page Down Arrow
Previous Story Page Up Arrow
Print Headlines Ctrl + P
Print Story Ctrl + Q
Automatically Print Stories as they appear Ctrl + R
Select Clolor for Text & Backround Ctrl + G
Set Alert Categories menu Ctrl + H
Newest Story on Top Ctrl + N
Auto Request Stories Ctrl + A
Alert on new Story Ctrl + B
Child Pop-Up Ctrl + K
Close News window Ctrl + F4
Ticker Set-Up menu F4
Ticker Color Selection menu F5
Ticker Font menu F6
Cascade Feature F7
Newest Line on Top F8
Clear Ticker F10
Close Ticker window Ctrl + F4
Table View Set-Up menu F4
Add/Replace Symbol menu F6
Set-Up Studies menu F9
Table View Display Options menu Ctrl X
Table Color Set-Up menu Ctrl C
Change Font on Table Ctrl F
Move Up or Down in Table View Page Up or Down
Copy Table data to Clipboard Ctrl + Insert
Paste Table data to another program Ctrl + V
Intraday 2-minute intervals .i2
Intraday 5-minute intervals .i5
Intraday 15-minute intervals .i15
Intraday 30-minute intervals .i30
Intraday 60-minute intervals .i60
Print Table data Ctrl P
Close Table View window Ctrl + F4
Order Book Set-Up menu F4
Show Account Balance F6
Show Order Entry Screen F7
Multi-Quote (Level-I) Set-Up menu F4
TAL Alarm Set-Up menu F4
Corporate Actions Set-Up menu F4
Open Page menu F2
Create New Page Shift + F2
Save Page As menu F3
Save Page Shift + F3
Page Manager menu Alt + P
Switch to Next Page +
Switch to Previous Page -
HELP menu in RealTick F1
Symbol Guide for RealTick F12
Close RealTick Platform Alt + F4