Executioner Pro Trading Platform Features:

  • Montage Trade Window

    The Market Montage will show you the available volume in a given security. When you need to make your next trade analyze the market and take advantage of knowing where the buyers and sellers are at.

  • Top List

    Scan the markets with ease with the Executioner Top List. Know which stocks are the days biggest movers so you can be ready for the next trade.

  • Real-time News

    The real-time news feed keeps you abreast of developing events. Keep in tune with the markets and trade with more knowledge.

  • High/Low Ticker

    Stocks meeting new highs and lows will appear on the High/Low Hit List. Easily scan the stocks that may be breaking out to new highs or reversing into powerful moves.

  • Market View

    Keep track of your favorite stocks or stocks that you may want to trade later on with a Market View window. Easily analyze important details like the bid and ask in an instant so you can keep a step ahead.

  • Basket Trader

    The Basket Trader allows you to buy a set of stocks at one moment saving you time and greatly increasing your trade function.

  • Advanced Charts

    Having Charts with many features is always great to have. The Executioner provides many great tools to provide you with a trading edge.

  • Options

    Trading Options is made easy with the Executioner platform. View calls and puts simultaneously and place your trade all from one screen.

  • Complex Options

    Trading advanced strategies is simplified when using the Executioners Complex Options window. Whether you use advanced options techniques to hedge positions or as a strategy the Executioners window will make trading easier.

Executioner Pro Training Videos