The Professional and Institutional Trader Program was designed for Hedge Fund Managers, FINRA Licensed Brokers, Investment Advisors as well as other investment management professionals. understands that true investment managers demand more flexibility, service and trading features than the standard direct access trader.

We would like the opportunity to customize a professional or institutional trading package for you and address the particulars of a potential business relationship. If you are looking for a firm that will meet your specific, needs please call our trade desk.

888-692-3624 or email:

  • Institutional Accounts:
    • Delivery Versus Payment Account (DVP)
    • Master-and-Sub Accounts
    • Prime Broker (requires a minimum of $500,000 in equity)
    • Executing Broker
  • Services:
    • Cents-Per-Share Commission / Wrap Fees / Per Ticket Charges
  • Features:
    • Basket Trading
    • Tier Sweeping
    • Discretionary/Contingency Orders
    • Reserve Orders
    • Trading Inventory Accounts
    • Trade Allocations