W8 forms are needed for all foreign accounts

  • W8BEN - For each owner of an individual, joint, trust, corporate or estate account.
  • W8IMY - For partnership account.
  • W8EXP - For each individual that signs on an Investment Club Account.
  • W8ECI - For accounts of individuals or entities claiming exemption from withholding on income connected with the conduct of trade or business in the United States.

Options Account

  • Options Agreement - For those who wish to add option trading to an existing account.

Options Disclosure Documents

Futures Account

Checking Account

Account Transfer Forms

  • ACAT Form - A copy of your most recent statement is requested to process this transfer.
  • Journal Form - To transfer money and/or positions between Mastertrader accounts.

Depositing Certificates


Miscellaneous Account Paperwork

Wire Request Forms